We discuss our findings at IEEE/CVF ICCV 2023 and ACM MobiCom 2023 (in the same week)


2nd – 6th October 2023 - Paris, France

We are presenting 3 main conference papers and 1 workshop's challenge winning technical report.
Main Conference

| Wednesday, October 4, 2023 10:30AM–12:30PM CET - Posters (Room Foyer Sud)

• We present a method to generate a temporally-coherent sequence of images corresponding to sentences.

Story Visualization by Online Text Augmentation with Context Memory

Daechul Ahn, Daneul Kim, Gwangmo Song, Seung Hwan Kim, Honglak Lee, Dongyeop Kang, Jonghyun Choi

ICCV 2023
PDF (arXiv) · Project Page · Code

| Thursday, October 5, 2023 10:30AM–12:30PM CET - Posters (Room Foyer Sud)

• We present a new embodied agent that remembers the consequences of previous actions and use them for better planning next actions.

(CVPR'23 Embodied AI workshop - 'Generalist Language Grounding Agents Challenge' Winner)

Context-Aware Planning and Environment-Aware Memory for Instruction Following Embodied Agents

Byeonghwi Kim, Jinyeon Kim, Yuyeong Kim, Cheolhong Min, Jonghyun Choi

ICCV 2023
(CVPR 2023 Embodied AI Workshop - 1st Place Winner)
PDF (arXiv) · Project Page · CVPR 2023 Workshop Challenge Page

• We present a new continual learning setup that assumes to know hierarchies of classes in the previous and the currently given tasks.

(Collaborated with SNU ICL.)

Online Continual Learning on Hierarchical Label Expansion

Byung Hyun Lee, Okchul Jung, Jonghyun Choi, Se Young Chun

ICCV 2023
PDF (arXiv) · Project Page · Code
In Workshop

| Monday, October 2, 2023 11:30AM-12:00PM CET - Room E04

Visual Continual Learning Workshop

• We present a new method for Challenge B - Continual Test-time Adaptation for Object Detection. (challenge winner)

TTA-DAME: Test-Time Adaptation with Domain Augmentation and Model Ensemble for Dynamic Driving Conditions

Dongjae Jeon, Taeheon Kim, Seongwon Jo, Minhyuk Seo, Jonghyun Choi

Technical Report - ICCV Workshop on Visual Continual Learning 2023

ACM MobiCom 2023

2nd – 6th October 2023 - Madrid, Spain

We are presenting 1 main conference paper.
Main Conference

| Thursday, October 5, 2023 17:30–18:30 CET - Poster 3.1 (Halls B2-C)

• We present a continual learning system that is computationally efficient.

Cost-effective On-device Continual Learning over Memory Hierarchy with Miro

Xinyue Ma, Suyeon Jeong, Minjia Zhang, Di Wang, Jonghyun Choi, Myeongjae Jeon

MobiCom 2023
PDF (arXiv)